Rear Deck and Pool Area

The Pool at this Villa in Florida

Our pool is 'L' shaped and runs around the corner of the Master Bedroom and can be heated if required. It is set in a surround/decking that runs the total width of the house, providing plenty of space for sunbathing and relaxing.

The pool enjoys the benefit of the sun from rise to set, whilst the lanai remains in the shade for those who love to be outside, but dislike direct sunlight. There is a fan over the lanai to provide a breeze if the temperature gets too much to bear.

Fully weather-proof padded outside furniture, comprising of four reclining chairs, four foot stools, four patio chairs, a large octagonal table for dining and two small octagonal coffee tables, ensure comfortable outdoor seating for everyone.

The whole of the rear outdoor section of the house and pool is fully screened which keeps the area free of insects.

Outside lighting on the lanai and pool deck allows enjoyment of the warm evenings after dark. We supply a BBQ grill for 'al fresco' dining.
We have a wide selection of special plastic glasses, plates and dishes for use on the pool deck area to protect you from harm - broken glass and crockery is the last thing you want around a pool.

On the whole our rear deck and pool area is just a fabulous place to relax and enjoy being together with your loved ones.